VIP Service Pricing and Registration


The Visual Intelligence Portal is a fee-based service that requires that the user register for the service. Upon the completion of the registration process, a User ID and a password is Emailed to the subscriber, along with the link to the service’s log on Web page. In addition, information is provided in order to contact customer service in case assistance is needed.


The cost for the basic VIP service with SmartList’s, SmartAlerts, and the SoftStop™ capability, is $19.95 per month.  This is billed monthly to the credit card specified during the registration process.


Each of the stock exchanges that provide their real time data to the VIP subscriber, require that their service agreements be executed prior to using their data. During registration, the forms from the NYSE, AMEX, OPRA and NASDAQ will be presented for acceptance. In addition, there will be additional forms from Wireless Marvels affiliates, further agreeing to only using the data received for the purposes intended. These additional documents are further requirements from the exchanges to protect the data accessed through this service.


Each of the exchanges charges a monthly fee for access to their data. For a non-professional user, as defined in the exchange agreements that will be signed, this fee is $1.00 per month, so an additional $4.00 per month will be billed to your credit card on behalf of the exchanges. You must pay all four exchanges for their data even if you are only trading NASDAQ securities only. This is because ALL data is available to you are any time. Professional exchange fees are considerably more and are stated in the help screens accessible during the registration process.


The optional services can be selected during registration or added at a later time. WebHeatmaps cost $5.00 per month. Levels 2 quotes cost $29.95 per month and carry a monthly fee by NASDAQ of $9.00 per month.


During the registration process you will encounter a few company names that might not be familiar.  Wireless Marvels Inc. is an engineering affiliate and authorized dealer of Netfeed Technologies, the company that operates and supports the Visual Intelligence Portal (VIP) service providing the SmartLists with SoftStop™ capability.  SoftStop (the online trailing stop monitor and alert capability) is a registered service mark of Wireless Marvels Inc.


Netfeed Technologies, along with one of its affiliates, DataCode Inc., operate the highly secure purchase site used for registration.

Another affiliate MarketFeed, a.k.a. Market Data Services, supplies consolidated data from each of the individual markets to the servers that operate the Web service. MarketFeed themselves acquires data from the NYSE, AMEX, OPRA and NASDAQ directly or may in turn use data feeds from other vendors, such as COMTEX.


Register for the Visual Intelligence Portal with SmartLists and SoftStops