Visual Intelligence Portal (VIP)


SmartLists® with SmartAlerts® including SoftStops®,

webHeatmaps® and NASDAQ Level 2 Quotes

Wireless Marvels Inc. is pleased to introduce you to the Visual Intelligence Portal (VIP).  This is a Web-Based subscription service offering of integrated web tools aimed at providing individual and institutional traders with a wealth of online real-time financial market information in an easy to comprehend visual format.  The subscriber’s Web browser, used to connect to the service, is securely downloaded with multiple applets (small remotely loaded applications) to provide for various types of data displays and analysis.

The primary service offering is a dynamically updating portfolio, known as a SmartList, displaying a number of different critical parameters and charts for each security.  The subscriber may program each SmartList security with one or more SmartAlerts. If a SmartAlert is activated because of current market conditions, whether the subscriber is currently logged into the service or not, they can be notified of the Alert via a combination of Email and messages sent to their wireless devices. One particular SmartAlert is of particular interest to traders who follow the trailing stops philosophy. The “SoftStop” SmartAlert automatically maintains subscribers trailing stops and alerts them via Email and/or wireless devices when a critical stop point has been reached.

The webHeatmap offering provides an unprecedented manor of displaying market conditions via a specialized color-coded display that allows a trader to simultaneously view hundreds of securities or portfolio positions, and quickly hone into those that have reached conditions that warrant further examination by the subscriber.

With the NASDAQ Level II Viewer, you can view real-time supply and demand information for any Market Maker driven equity. You can gain an unprecedented insight into the minds of those controlling the market. You can use it to take advantage of the minor price differences between the bid/offer spread to capture profits or you can use it to time your entry and exit points used in momentum trading strategies.

This is not a static service offering. The development team will be periodically releasing upgrades and enhancements to the current offerings, new value-added optional services as well as offering additional types of SmartAlerts.

Because this is a Web-based service, subscribers may access the service from anywhere on the Internet. No information is maintained on local computers used by the subscriber. All subscriber specific information is maintained in online databases maintained at the centralized server farm of redundant scaleable computers that operate the service. All information transferred to the subscribers computer used to access the service, is sent in a secure encrypted form, so that no outside parties are able to determine what information is being viewed or analyzed by a subscriber. For added security, the service also employs “ Digital Signature Technology “ (Class 3 for Commercial Software Publishing) and “Object Signing” licensed from VeriSign, to insure that the specialized software which is downloaded from VIP’s servers to the subscribers computer, has not been tampered with, and to insure that this software is granted proper privileges to operate properly on your computer.

For a comprehensive and detailed description, review the VIP User's Guide.

Quick Start User's Guide (Microsoft Word document)

Use this link for pricing and to register for the service.